Valve has increased production of the Steam Deck console

Valve has increased production of the Steam Deck console

Valve has announced an increase in the production of the Steam Deck portable game console and will increase the supply of previously reserved ones prefixes. The company also added that it had started sending out emails to those anticipating the arrival of their ordered set-top box in the second quarter.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

“Welcome to the second quarter. We’ve just sent out the first emails to those according to the queue of orders should have been received Console for the second quarter. Starting today, we’re increasing Steam deck shipments and will begin sending out more console availability emails each week.”— commented representatives of the Steam Deck team on Twitter.

The company has also updated the console order page, clarifying how the Steam Deck can be purchased for those currently looking to purchase. In particular, it is noted that those who ordered the console can now get it in the third quarter of this year, that is, no earlier than October.

To reserve the console, customers must pay a $5 deposit. Once the console is ready to ship, Valve will send an email to the buyer asking them to pay the balance of the order. If the user changes their mind, the deposit will be returned to the Steam wallet.

Valve is also continuing to validate Steam library games for handheld compatibility. To date, according to the Steam database, 2056 games have passed this test. 1068 game titles are fully supported by the console, 988 can run on the console, but they may contain various bugs. Thus, the total number of supported games that can be played on Steak Deck has almost doubled in the last month. It also states that 1032 games are not supported by the console. Here’s how Valve tested 3088 games for compatibility with the console.



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