Valve disabled the competitive mode in Counter Strike 2 added a

Valve disabled the competitive mode in Counter-Strike 2, added a redesigned map of Italy, and hinted at the return of Cobblestone in a new form

ValveStudio informed about the release of the next major update for its shareware multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike 2, which is still in limited testing on PC.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

First, in the August 15 patch, competitive and private matchmaking was temporarily disabled. How long this restriction will last is unclear, as well as the reason for its introduction (reinsurance against the background of possible vulnerability?).

Second, Anubis and Ancient from the last major patch have been replaced with a completely redesigned Italy map (available in Deathmatch and Normal modes). You can see how it looks in Counter-Strike 2 in the video below.

Italy is already the ninth map ported for Counter-Strike 2, and the second after Office with hostages. By the way, in the update they were also improved, which increased the quality of the models (but they stopped moving after that).

Third, the patch introduces support for multiple command appearance options, changes the shape of the smoke plume, and unifies the position of the StatTrak counter on both M4 models to avoid overlapping decals.

Dataminer also found indications of this in the update files Winter version of the Cobblestone map, Changes in Prime mode And competitive games (maximum 12 rounds per side).

A full release of Counter-Strike 2 is expected before the end of the summer. The new version of the game is based on Source 2, provides backward compatibility with items from CS:GO, updated maps and various technical improvements.

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