Valve delighted fans with a six word tweet hinting at

Valve delighted fans with a six-word tweet – hinting at Counter-Strike 2’s release date

When Valve announced Counter-Strike 2 in March, it promised to release it in the summer after a limited test. The calendar summer is already over, the astronomical summer is coming to an end, but there is no publication yet. However, it looks like the wait won’t be long.

    Image source: Steam (Lannister)

Image source: Steam (Lannister)

Consisting of six words tweet from the official microblog of the developers immediately convinced the community that the long-awaited premiere of Counter-Strike 2 will take place next week, on September 27th.

“What are you going to do next Wednesday?” – That’s all that Valve’s new teaser contained, but as noted on the portal PC gamerThe “pretty typical” a way for a studio to announce a release date.

The fact that the mentioned tweet is not a random interaction with the audience is confirmed by the new “header” of the Counter-Strike 2 profile in X (Twitter) – it now displays the same message (see image below).

    Image source: X (CS2)

Image source: X (CS2)

While Counter-Strike 2 is still in closed beta, Valve has been inviting more and more users to test it in recent weeks. It is estimated that 60% of CS:GO players have already gained access.

At launch, Counter-Strike 2 will be a free upgrade from CS:GO to the Source 2 engine version. The upgrade offers a number of technical improvements as well as backwards compatibility with CS:GO items.

Counter-Strike 2 will be the first release in the main series with a number in the title (Nexon’s CS Online 2 doesn’t count) in more than 20 years of its existence. Five games (CS, Condition Zero, Source, Global Offensive, CS2) – and not a single three.


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