Valve celebrated the Lunar New Year in Dota 2 with

Valve celebrated the Lunar New Year in Dota 2 with gift treasures and permanent bans for Overplus users

Dota 2 developers from Valve studio announced about the release of the Dragon’s Gift update for the popular MOBA in honor of the Lunar New Year and prepared an unpleasant surprise for Overplus users.

  Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

With the release of the patch, gift treasures appeared in Dota 2 – they are presented in the form of red envelopes, which can be transferred to another player from February 9 to March 7. Only the selected recipient can open them.

The traditional Dragon’s Hoard treasures have also returned in the update. Each contains one of 17 Lunar New Year-themed cosmetic sets, as well as (if you’re lucky) a gift envelope or item with a quirky effect.

From each treasury (including gift ones) you can get The Ancient Dragon King item in the form of a mythical dragon – the first accessory for the Ancient One with unique styles for the forces of Light and Darkness.

  Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!

The patch fixed a number of bugs, adjusted the balance (including in the Ability Draft mode) and introduced a new code for detecting cheats (more “a couple of weeks ago”), which resulted in a wave of permanent VAC bans for Overplus users.

Overplus is a program that gives an unfair advantage in Dota 2. The community called for the utility to be blocked and, it seems, they got it. For distribution of locks, according to the first calculationsmore than 50 professional players were included.

Meanwhile, Valve is working on an upcoming content update for Dota 2 called Crownfall. Exactly when it will be released and what it will add is not specified at this stage.


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