Using Windows 11 you learned how to copy text from

Using Windows 11, you learned how to copy text from images and edit photos directly on an Android smartphone

Microsoft has started testing an updated version of the Scissors application in Windows 11. It has learned to recognize and copy text in images. Windows insiders can currently try out the new feature on the Dev and Canary channels.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

To use the new feature, you need to select the “Text Actions” option, which is located in the toolbar. The application then recognizes the text on the edited image, after which it can be selected and copied using the context menu. To copy, you can also use the corresponding button in the toolbar or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C.

Additionally, you can quickly remove sensitive data from screenshots using the Text Actions tool. Once you select the Quick Mask option, the app will automatically hide the email addresses and phone numbers in the image you are editing. Additionally, you can highlight part of the text and select Hide Text from the menu to make it unreadable.

Another function related to photo editing is included in the “Phone Connection” application. With its help, you can edit images from your Android smartphone on your computer. When a synced smartphone user takes a photo, a notification appears on the computer asking the user to edit the photo.


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