Using the PlayStation 5 in an upright position may damage

Using the PlayStation 5 in an upright position may damage it

Sony claims that the PlayStation 5 game console can be used both horizontally and vertically. However some bloggers and Hardware repair experts say that installing the PS5 vertically increases the risk of failure.

    Image Source: Console System

Image Source: Console System

Specifically, blogger 68Logic, a member of the PlayStation community who over ten years owns an equipment repair workshop in France, informedthat using the PS5 in an upright position could damage it, and he’s seen similar cases with his customers.

According to him, if the PS5 is mounted vertically, the liquid metal used to cool the console may leak, which may at least affect the cooling efficiency or even cause a short circuit.

Ben Montana, owner of ILoveMyConsole, a specialist repair shop in France, claims such cases are by no means isolated. In his opinion, PS5s that stand upright for a long time are prone to breakage, and that applies to all models, including the PS5 Digital Edition. Some users believe that the Blu-ray drive vibration can make the PS5 Physical Edition problem worse.

Youtuber and console repairer TheCod3r believes the problem stems from flaws in the console’s design. In a video earlier this year, he shows a PS5 that hasn’t been unpacked yet and has been sitting upright in its box for several months. The console wouldn’t start until he found and repaired the liquid metal leak.

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