Users who have forgotten the password to Apple Vision Pro

Users who have forgotten the password to Apple Vision Pro no longer need to send the headset to the service

The first buyers of the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset, as you may remember, could face serious trouble if they forgot the password to access the device. To unblock a headset, until recently it had to be sent to a proprietary service. Now a software update allows you to solve the problem by the user at home, without leading to blocking.

  Image Source: Apple

Image Source: Apple

Yesterday, as reported MacRumors, the first update of the visionOS operating system to version 1.0.3 was released since the start of Vision Pro sales, which brought the ability to reset the headset settings if the user forgot the password and managed to enter it incorrectly several times. Now, to solve the problem, the device does not need to be sent to Apple’s proprietary service. True, you will still have to say goodbye to the data in the headset’s memory due to the need to reset the device.

Now, if the user enters the password incorrectly several times in a row, the Vision Pro headset will simply prompt them to proceed to reset, whereas previously it would simply lock out. However, as a result of this procedure, the Activation Lock function will continue to work, so attackers who stole someone else’s headset will still not be able to use their Apple ID to enter the ecosystem in this way. The visionOS 1.0.3 update also fixes some bugs that are not listed in the accompanying annotation.

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