US sanctions forced Huawei to replace about 13000 components with

US sanctions forced Huawei to replace about 13,000 components with domestic ones

Also under former President Donald Trump, the Chinese company Huawei Technologies was under pressure from the US authorities, as a result of which it lost not only the right to receive imported components of a certain range, but also access to the TSMC pipeline for its own contract manufacturing. The founder of Huawei made it clear that the company has currently managed to replace 13,000 items of imported components with domestic ones.

    Image source: Jay Goldberg, Twitter

Image source: Jay Goldberg, Twitter

This is reportedly the statement of Ren Zhengfei Reuters, during his speech to the audience of one of the Chinese universities. Over the past three years, the company has had to find replacements for more than 13,000 electronic components that were subject to US export restrictions. They were replaced with domestic counterparts made in China, and Huawei also had to redesign about 4,000 circuit boards to do so. As noted by many visitors to the Huawei booth at MWC 2023 in Barcelona, ​​exhibitors have taken the precaution of covering critical chips on their circuit boards with dark overlays that have made it impossible to identify their origin.

Printed circuit board production, which the Huawei founder said was dependent on the availability of imported components that fell under the sanctions, has been stabilized. Last year, Huawei managed to invest $23.8 billion in R&D, the company’s founder noted, and as the company’s profitability gradually improves, related costs will increase.

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