US Department of Justice backs bill against tech giants

US Department of Justice backs bill against tech giants

The US Department of Justice has approved a bill that would prevent major digital platforms, including Amazon and Google, from prioritizing their own products and services over similar offerings from competitors.

    Image source: succo /

Image source: succo /

Big tech companies, including Amazon, Google and Apple, oppose the law, insisting passage will make it harder for them to offer popular services to consumers. There is also an opinion that the creators of electronic trading platforms, search engines and app stores have the right to get the maximum benefit from their developments. The Justice Department takes a different position: platforms’ dominance gives them unlimited power to influence the fate of other companies, which would benefit greatly from limiting the capabilities of tech giants.

The new document supplements existing antitrust laws and clarifies what practices Congress deems illegal and anticompetitive “This will expand the capacity of the Department of Justice and [Федеральной торговой комиссии] against such practices. The government of the President of the United States also supports the bill. But the initiative is still unpopular with American lawmakers: the conservative wing fears expanding government powers to control digital markets, and Democrats (particularly from California, where Silicon Valley is located) argue that the bill is biased and anti-big be companies.


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