US court dismisses class action lawsuit accusing Apple of unfairly

US court dismisses class action lawsuit accusing Apple of unfairly advertising iPhone waterproofing

District Federal Judge Denise Cote dismissed a class action lawsuit in New York City against Apple. The plaintiffs accused the electronics manufacturer of advertising for the iPhone misleading about how waterproof these smartphones are.

Source: succo/

Source: succo/

It has been pointed out that Apple’s displays repeatedly claim that they work even when devices are held underwater, including claims that some iPhones can survive being submerged to a depth of 4 meters for 30 minutes unscathed. The plaintiffs claimed Apple’s “false and misleading” claims allowed the company to charge twice as much for the iPhone as it does for “average smartphones.”

While the judge acknowledged that the plaintiffs’ claims that Apple had misled users sounded plausible, they could not prove that it was their smartphones that suffered from the “liquid contact” that Apple advertised designated as safe for the iPhone.

The judge also found no evidence of fraud, as there was no evidence that Apple had intentionally misrepresented the iPhone’s water resistance and that the plaintiffs had decided to buy the iPhone based on such marketing claims.

For the quarter ended December 25, 2021, iPhone accounted for $71.6 billion in revenue, or 58% of Apple’s $123.9 billion in revenue.


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