US Congress has suspended the Army from buying Microsoft AR

US Congress has suspended the Army from buying Microsoft AR glasses until they fix the problems – the soldier is fed up with them

Microsoft will not receive any further orders for the current version of the Army’s Combat Goggles augmented reality glasses after the US Congress rejected the US Army’s request for $400 million to buy 6,900 such devices this year . writes Bloomberg. The publication notes that the reason for the failure lies in problems identified during previous field tests of the device.

    Image Source: US Army

Image Source: US Army

Last year, the US Army received the first batch of 5,000 high-tech tactical AR glasses from Microsoft, based on the HoloLens augmented reality headset, designed to give ground forces soldiers an additional cue to the battlefield, similar to the helmets worn by fighter jet pilots . To equip all departments with such devices in the amount of 121,000 pieces, the Pentagon planned under the contract to spend $ 21.9 billion over the next 10 years.

As part of a three-week training session last summer, US Army soldiers wore combat goggles for 72 hours and performed tasks to simulate advancing on a mock enemy and conduct combat operations. Based on the results of these tests, a report was prepared for the Pentagon showing that soldiers wearing combat goggles experienced headaches, dizziness, eye pain and nausea. More than 80% of military personnel who took part in these tests experienced these symptoms three hours after using Combat Goggles. In addition, the report states that the current version of the augmented reality glasses has many technical flaws.

Last month, the US Army placed an order worth $121 million for the new Combat Goggles version 1.2. Funding for this purchase has been reallocated from funds allocated to purchase the previous version of the device. US lawmakers have approved Microsoft $40 million to develop a new version of augmented reality glasses, taking into account previously received data from field tests of the first version. Microsoft has not commented on this decision.

According to Bloomberg, while a new version of augmented reality glasses is being developed, the US military will train on the old one.

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