US authorities will complete analysis of the situation with the

US authorities will complete analysis of the situation with the shortage of chips in a few weeks

During her visit to Michigan, US Secretary of the Economy Gina Raimondo made several important statements regarding the semiconductor component shortage. First of all, the official called on American parliamentarians to approve the program of subsidizing the domestic industry as soon as possible. Secondly, she explained that the analysis of the information received from market participants will be completed in a few weeks.

Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

As noted Reuters citing comments from Gina Raimondo, to date, more than 150 semiconductor companies have provided the US authorities with the information requested several weeks ago. The activity of the respondents so far suits the representatives of the US Department of Commerce. The agency will be able to provide the results of an analysis of the situation in the industry in a few weeks, while promising to maintain the confidentiality of trade secrets. Coercion has not yet had to be resorted to, but if necessary, the US authorities will be able to obtain information from companies that are ready to resist it.

The bill, which is still in its final stages of approval, will allow the US authorities to allocate $ 52 billion for the development of the local industry and about $ 190 billion to strengthen the country’s position in the field of new technologies and research activities. According to Gina Raimondo, it is impossible to delay the adoption of the law on subsidies, since other countries and regions in this regard are more actively moving forward. The United States should not be among the laggards, according to the minister.

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