US authorities warned China about tightening sanctions on chip production

US authorities warned China about tightening sanctions on chip production equipment

About a year ago, American authorities introduced new restrictions on the supply of certain types of chip manufacturing equipment to China, and also banned the supply of computer accelerators with a certain level of performance. Now US officials are preparing an addition to the export control rules and have already warned the Chinese side about it.

    Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

As already mentioned Reuters Citing its own sources, the US Department of Commerce will expand the list of chip production facilities banned from supplying to China. This is done to bring the rules in place in the United States in line with restrictions introduced by the Netherlands and Japan last year. It is also planned to close some gaps in the possibility of supplying computing accelerators for artificial intelligence systems to China.

The US intention to update export control rules a year after they were first introduced in this area has already been communicated to the Chinese side. The first version of the restrictions was adopted on October 7 last year. The American side communicated details of its intentions to the Chinese several weeks before the planned update of export control rules. It is assumed that informing the opponent in advance about his further actions will help stabilize relations between the USA and China.

Making matters worse, Xi Jinping will attend the APEC summit in San Francisco in November, and the imposition of new restrictions on China could raise doubts about his participation or complicate already tense relations between the two countries. However, even the American side is not yet technically ready to introduce new restrictions, so the beginning of October was only chosen as a suitable milestone for informing about intentions.

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