US authorities want to require cloud giants to disclose a

US authorities want to require cloud giants to disclose a list of foreign customers that use artificial intelligence

So far, the efforts of the US authorities to limit Chinese companies’ access to modern computing accelerators have been limited primarily to a ban on the sale of such components in China, but now the US Department of Commerce wants to oblige cloud service providers to disclose the facts of their use Computing power by foreign customers to develop their own artificial intelligence systems.

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

It was previously reported that when restrictions were imposed on the export of necessary equipment to China, Chinese developers began to rent them abroad more often, and the American government is clearly committed to closing this gap for Chinese companies. This initiative, conceived by its authors, is intended to prevent foreign customers of cloud providers from developing malware solutions in the field of cybersecurity. According to US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, the agency she leads is now looking for opportunities to influence on cloud service providers to identify cases of use of their facilities by foreign customers for the development of artificial intelligence systems.

At one of the events on Friday, the official said: “We are beginning to require U.S. cloud companies to report to us any cases in which foreign companies are using their computing power to train their large language models.”. Back in October, US President Joseph Biden demanded that the department request such information to identify malicious activities by foreign developers. The agency is now trying to build new regulations into U.S. export controls to make cloud service providers more compliant.

In an interview last month, Gina Raimondo said: “We want to ensure that the Chinese side has no opportunity to access our (language) models or train their own.”. The legal problem is that cloud service providers do not physically move goods abroad and therefore it is very difficult to subject their activities to export control regulations. Most likely, an additional US agency will need to be involved to regulate this activity. US cloud companies fear that a lack of proportionate action by their foreign policy allies could jeopardize their market position. The Commerce Department also wants to require developers of large language models to conduct security audits of their software, but the details of this initiative have not yet been disclosed.

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