US authorities say they would not tolerate a ban on

US authorities say they would not tolerate a ban on Micron products in China

Not long ago, Chinese information security regulators banned national critical infrastructure operators from buying products from American company Micron Technology. These measures did not go unnoticed by US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo last week spoken with a strong condemnation of the actions of the Chinese authorities.

    Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

The official made the relevant statements at a press conference held after a meeting of trade ministers from the countries of the so-called Indo-Pacific Foundation for Prosperity in Detroit. In their opinion, the United States not only strongly opposes, but will not condone, the actions of the Chinese authorities regarding Micron products, and also considers such actions to be abuses of economic influence. According to the American side, China’s actions against Micron, as indicated by Raimondo’s statements, will not be successful.

Measures to combat what the official explains as “the People’s Republic of China’s non-market practices” will be coordinated by the US with partners in the G7. Foreign companies can apply for part of the subsidies that the US authorities want to use to develop national production of semiconductor components. According to the official, companies from Japan, South Korea and Singapore can apply for subsidies. At a meeting with Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao on Thursday, the situation with the purchase ban on Micron Technology products was also discussed, according to Reuters.

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