Unpacking developers hid concept art of their next project in

Unpacking developers hid concept art of their next project in the game

Blogger xGarbett, who specializes in finding secrets and easter eggs in video games, showed The meditative puzzle game Unpacking from Witch Beam Studio hides the concept art of the developers’ next game.

    Image Source: Steam (Hit0kage)

Image Source: Steam (Hit0kage)

Witch Beam once again confirmed the fact that Unpacking hides a pixelated version of the key illustration of their future project Mid-AprilBut before youngest no one could unravel the secret.

As it turns out, the mysterious concept art was hidden in the Nintendo Wii’s in-game analogue on the second level of the unboxing. The game available on the console doesn’t exist yet, but it’s quite real – TempPoPo.

    Image Source: Twitter (xGarbett)

Image Source: Twitter (xGarbett)

TempPoPo is mentioned on the Witch Beam website, but the portal does not give details. The game logo and the clue engraved on it suggest that this is a musical adventure.

TempPoPo is the third Witch Beam project. The debut was the arcade shooter Assault Android Cactus (2015), and Unpacking was released after another six years. The puzzle is available on PC (Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store), Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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