Unitys puzzle platformer Gigaya will teach developers how to make

Unity’s puzzle platformer Gigaya will teach developers how to make games

Unit at GDC 2022 introduced Reference Game Gigaya is a puzzle platformer designed to help developers achieve their creative ambitions.

Image source: Unity

Image source: Unity

Gigaya is built on an ecosystem of tools and capabilities powered by the Unity engine. This makes it possible to understand in the game how the systems involved work not only individually but also in combination.

The Gigaya team (15 people) expects that the project will not only help developers hone a range of skills (from programming to artistic design), but will also find inspiration for developing their own game.

Gigaya events take place in a bright and vibrant world called Okkeriel. The protagonist – his name is Wondu – is equipped with a jetpack, armed with a handheld blaster and has responsive controls.

Once the Gigaya production cycle is complete, its assets, components, and source code will be made available free for all Unity users to download and experiment with.

Additionally, for the first time in Unity history, the demo she created will go through a full lifecycle and be released via the Steam digital distribution service. Gigaya is expected to be released later this year.

Previously, Enemies showed a two-minute cinematic demo at GDC 2022, showcasing Unity’s advances in photorealistic digital humans.



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