Unity tried to reassure developers about game installation fees but

Unity tried to reassure developers about game installation fees, but something went wrong

Engine manufacturer Unity commented A flood of criticism and dissatisfaction hit him after the announcement of the Unity Runtime Fee commission, which will be charged to the developer if a certain number of game installations are exceeded.

    Image source: Devolver Digital

Image source: Devolver Digital

In a statement released on the evening of September 14th, Unity confirmed this “Confusion and disappointment”and also emphasized that the new policy will have no impact “90% of consumers”.

The company also wanted to clarify how it defines and counts installations, which is one of the main points of contention in the new policy. As of January 1, 2024, developers will not have to pay for:

  • reinstall games;
  • Pirated or malicious installations – Unity promises to work directly with developers to identify scammers and bots;
  • test and demo versions of games;
  • browser and streaming games;
  • Subscriptions (Apple Arcade, Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, Netflix Games) – mentioned on official website;
  • Games from charity packs.

What Unity developers have to pay for is the initial installation of the game on any device. Installations are counted not only from the full version, but also from the start of Early Access.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

Developer of new Unity refinements didn’t calm down: “The commission still has no cap, we are fined when users install the game on new devices, there are no controls for piracy/cheating (and there may not be)”.

Some prominent studios that use the Unity engine in their projects have already spoken out against the new initiative:

  • Between us developers authorized removal of the game from sale for some time;
  • the creators of Slay the Spire, who have been working on their next Unity game for two years, ready change the engine if the company does not cancel the new policy;
  • The authors of Cult of the Lamb threatened Deletion Project from digital stores on January 1st;
  • Not a Brakes Games studio, currently working on Human Fall Flat 2, Doubtthat they can trust Unity and continue to use its engine;
  • Gary Newman, known for Garry’s Mod and Rust, in angry message Regarding the current situation, I mentioned in passing that Rust 2 will definitely not be based on Unity.

The situation could impact many other popular and anticipated Unity games. For example, Hollow Knight: Silksong – the developers already like it jokesthat due to a change in the engine, the release will be postponed for another five years.


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