Unity Software is restarting which will lead to new layoffs

Unity Software is restarting, which will lead to new layoffs

Unity Software, video game development software provider announced Decision to cut 265 jobs, or 3.8% of the workforce, and terminate an agreement with digital video effects company Weta FX, which was founded as part of The Lord of the Rings director “Restart”. The company’s software tools are used by many video game developers, including the creators of the mobile hit Pokemon Go.

    Image source: Unity

Image source: Unity

It also terminates part of the professional services agreement Unity entered into in 2021 with Weta FX, filmmaker Peter Jackson’s visual effects company, following its acquisition of Weta FX’s technology and engineering division. In this context, 265 employees will be laid off. Unity currently employs 7,000 people.

As part of the “restart,” Unity will close offices in 14 cities, including Berlin and Singapore, consult with employees in some countries about what to do next, and staff in other offices, including San Francisco and Bellevue. Washington, reduce significantly. ). The company also said workers will no longer be required to be in the office three days a week. Will also be cut “Complete office service” in most offices up to three days per week. All of these changes are expected to reorient Unity’s business, acting CEO Jim Whitehurst told Reuters.

In September, the company introduced a new pricing policy “Execution time fees”which would charge game developers new fees if they hit certain revenue and install targets, but had to reconsider the new fees shortly after developer protests and a sharp drop in stock prices.


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