Unity introduced Muse AI tools that save game developers

Unity introduced Muse – AI tools that save game developers from the routine

The developers of the Unity game engine announced today at the Unite Unite conference that their AI platform Muse is officially available in an early access format for general use. Muse is an AI-powered toolkit designed to streamline the game development process and reduce manual coding. The package was launched back in July 2023 and is now available on a subscription basis for $30 per month.

    Image source: Unity

Image source: Unity

Unity Muse is described by the company as “an ever-growing set of AI-powered features” and is aimed at developers of all experience levels. The platform allows you to generate program code while interacting with the chatbot. The bot can also predict and suggest further development steps as it has full access to the platform’s resource library.

One example is a tool specifically designed to help aspiring Metroidvania designers create 2D sprites. It automatically generates sprites that match predefined parameters and provides the user with multiple options to choose from.

Muse offers a similar process for creating sprites and textures for use in 2D and 3D projects. All of these tools are based solely on data and images that Unity owns or licenses, so developers are not exposed to claims from copyright holders. Additionally, Unity states that Muse results will never be included “People, logos, or recognizable artistic styles.”

According to Unity, its sprite and texture generation tools are just the beginning. In the coming months, the Muse package will be expanded to include AI engines for character animation and NPC behavior customization, among other things. Muse subscribers also have access to a rapid prototyping and collaboration platform called Sketch.

At the Unite conference, the company also unveiled its upcoming neural engine Sentis, which goes far beyond generating sprites and textures as it can solve complex coding problems and even create new in-game features from scratch. Sentis is currently in open beta and will be released to the public next year. The company also announced a range of cloud collaboration tools and promised to release the long-awaited sixth version of Unity in 2024.

It looks like chatbots and other AI-powered assistants will soon become important development tools in a game developer’s arsenal. Writing code is a thing of the past and is unfortunately becoming a major trend in the industry. It’s possible that AI will soon start producing games exclusively for other AIs. AI will play computer blockbusters and we will remember all-rounders, small towns and other outdoor fun.

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