Unexpected content update adds fanfiction tool and secret scenes to

Unexpected content update adds fanfiction tool and secret scenes to Disco Elysium

The Estonian studio ZA/UM, which was recently in the news only because of scandalous events, unexpectedly announced and released a collage mode content update for its role-playing detective Disco Elysium.

    Image source: ZA/UM

Image source: ZA/UM

Introduced with the Disco Elysium update, Collage mode gives the user full access to characters, inventory, environments, effects and custom dialogue to create desired screenshots and arrange sudden dramatic turns.

“Become the ultimate story master – collage mode lets you create your own dialogue options and create your own unique story.”— reads the description of the mode.

In collage mode, characters can be rotated, resized and put in different (absurd and meaningful) poses, apply filters (weather conditions, time of day), use stickers and frames for decoration.

Among other things, the collage mode adds new ones “Scenes from the Rich History of Martinez” and additional recreations of the narrator. Also List of Achievements Disco Elysium added a few more items.

The Collage Mode update is now available to download on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store) and will reach PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S in the coming days.

Disco Elysium debuted on PC in October 2019 and was released on consoles as part of an extended edition subtitled The Final Cut. At metacritical The project has 86 to 97 out of 100% depending on the platform.

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