Under the new CEO Twitter will focus on video and

Under the new CEO, Twitter will focus on video and celebrity engagement and increase staff

As of June 5, Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s CEO, has assumed the position and has extensive experience in the advertising business. So she’s trying to base her new job on reforms to attract more advertisers. The platform is rumored to start using promotional videos, and to draw advertisers’ attention to Twitter, there will be collaborations with popular content creators.

    Image source: LinkedIn

Image source: LinkedIn

Similar plans to revive Twitter’s advertising business under the leadership of the new director are detailed in the publication Ars Technica with reference to informed sources. Last week, the social network launched a TikTok-like short video service, and management now plans to promote full-screen video ads with sound enabled by default. Users will see ads when they watch videos on the new service.

Sources say Iaccarino wants to bring popular content creators, publishers and celebrities to Twitter so he can negotiate with advertisers with more arguments. In a meeting with Twitter employees, the new boss said that the social network is faced with the task of regaining the trust of advertisers. With the biggest of them she is ready to negotiate personally. After Elon Musk bought Twitter last fall, the company’s advertising revenue halved, but even before the deal, there was an outflow of advertisers.

According to people familiar with the matter, one of the conditions for Iaccarino’s appointment as CEO was the opportunity to strengthen and expand Twitter’s ad sales and affiliate deals staff. The new boss has already made it clear to employees that he wants to establish interaction with the media, which Elon Musk has traditionally avoided due to past abuses. Linda Iaccarino can present her program in this area on the Twitter Spaces platform at the beginning of August.

Another step in the reform of Twitter’s business will be to facilitate the monetization of content, as well as the integration of the payment system and the ability to trade goods on the social network’s pages. Good relationships with Twitter partners also need to be restored, much of which is easy for the Musk-led company stopped paying for services, with the aim of reducing costs in the shortest possible time. Advertisers gain more control over the context in which their ads appear on Twitter Pages.

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