Unannounced Tactics Ogre Reborn by Square Enix lit up the

Unannounced Tactics Ogre: Reborn by Square Enix lit up the PS Store

portal gematsu notes that the PlayStation Store digital store appeared briefly side an unannounced game called Tactics Ogre: Reborn from Japanese publisher and developer Square Enix.

    Image source: PlayStation

Image source: PlayStation

Recall that Square Enix registered a similar trademark in Japan last spring, fueling rumors of the potential return of its Ogre Battle line of RPG strategies.

The Tactics Ogre: Reborn page on PlayStation Store included background (above) and portrait (below) illustrations and a logo. Instead of the description of the game, only the word was given dummy (Dummy).

Recall that the unknown Tactics Ogre Remaster was seen in the September leak from the GeForce Now servers. It is believed to be an updated version of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (1995, SNES) or its remake for PSP (2010).

The Ogre Battle franchise began in 1993 with Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen and has since grown to five more titles, including the aforementioned Let Us Cling Together remake.

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