Ubisoft reports cybersecurity incident possibly hacked

Ubisoft reports “cybersecurity incident” – possibly hacked

Ubisoft company informed about the “cybersecurity incident” that happened last week. The video game developer noted that there could be outages in the operation of games and services in early March because of him.

Image source: Ubisoft

Image source: Ubisoft

The company notes that there is still no evidence that could point to the theft of personal player data. Ubisoft didn’t say if the “incident” involved a hack, but it’s likely the company faced an attempt to hack into its servers. Now all games and services are working as usual, the developer said in a statement. Ubisoft is working with external security experts to clarify the situation and has reset passwords within the company as a precaution.

Late last month, LAPSU$ hackers hacked NVIDIA and were able to steal about a terabyte of confidential data. Later, the same group of hackers stole information from the servers of the South Korean company Samsung.

It is currently unknown if the same group was involved in the “incident” that Ubisoft is talking about.


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