Uber will offer UK customers the ability to book rides

Uber will offer UK customers the ability to book rides on all modes of transport

Uber first emerged as an aggregator of offers in the taxi market, but the company is not averse to expanding its sphere of influence. In the UK market at least, users of the Uber app can plan almost any type of trip by plane, train, and rental car. New features will be added before the end of this year.

    Image source: Uber

Image source: Uber

The American company made the relevant statements today, as explained by CNBC. Using the British transport market as an example, Uber wants to create a “super app” that integrates trip booking functions for almost all modes of transport. The companies that provide services directly will operate independently, but Uber wants to improve the data exchange between them and their users. If successful in the UK market, the pilot project is recommended for implementation in other countries.

Users can buy flight and train tickets through the Uber app. To this end, the company will interlock its service with the services of the core market participants. For such mediation, Uber expects a certain commission on each ticket sold. By the way, water transport in the UK is already within Uber’s scope, so it’s just a matter of trains and planes. In the future, hotel booking services will also connect to the Uber ecosystem, allowing the user to plan the most complex journeys in one application.


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