Uber reports hacking of its internal network under investigation

Uber reports hacking of its internal network – under investigation

Uber is investigating an incident involving a hacking of its internal network infrastructure, according to The New York Times, citing a statement from service workers. Speaking to reporters, company officials noted that Uber employees were advised not to use Slack’s corporate messenger temporarily.

    Image Credit: Jeff Chiu/AP

Image Credit: Jeff Chiu/AP

According to the Washington Post, an attacker could gain access to Uber’s internal code repository, email service, and messaging service data by hacking into an employee’s Slack profile. On his behalf, he left a message stating: “I am a hacker and I declare that Uber has faced a data breach”. On one of the Uber intranet websites, the hacker posted a photo with offensive content.

On its Twitter page, the company confirmed the hack, said it was investigating the incident and was contacting law enforcement. Uber itself did not say what kind of information the hacker was able to access and whether the data of users of the taxi and delivery service was compromised.

Notably, Uber immediately confirmed the incident and contacted law enforcement. She also suffered a data breach in 2016, but chose not to say anything about it for a year. Instead, the company decided to pay the hackers $100,000 to remove the stolen information from its servers. After all of this came to light, Uber fired its former security chief, Joseph Sullivan, and accused him of obstructing justice by hiding information about the hack. His lawyers said Uber’s new management simply decided to make him a scapegoat.

In September 2018, Uber settled for $148 million the claims of all 50 US states and the Metropolitan District of Columbia unhappy with the delayed disclosure of information about a hack and a leak. In July of this year, the 2016 hacker case was closed as part of a settlement with prosecutors.


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