Uber found no evidence of stealing sensitive user data during

Uber found no evidence of stealing sensitive user data during the hacking

Uber’s cybersecurity experts were unable to find evidence that an unknown attacker gained access to sensitive user data, including travel history, in a recent system breach. website companies.

    Image source: freestocks-photos / pixabay.com

Image source: freestocks-photos / pixabay.com

The company reported that all services have now returned to normal mode and the work of the helper software, which was disabled after the hack was discovered, has been restored. Uber said nothing new about the alleged perpetrator and the nature of the incident itself. However, the resource Beeping computer claims that its journalists saw screenshots released by the hacker, which presumably confirm that the hacker gained access to Uber’s IT infrastructure: the Amazon Web Services console, the Google Workspace toolbar and virtual machines. The attacker also gained access to the bounty program used to discover vulnerabilities in Uber’s systems – possibly knowing about the bugs that the company has not fixed.

Confidential customer data does not appear to have been affected, suggests Engadget. However, fears remain that the hacker may have accessed the services’ source code or sold the vulnerability data to other cybercriminals who may attempt their own attacks.


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