Two weeks before the console release of Jagged Alliance 3

Two weeks before the console release of Jagged Alliance 3, the developers talked about the intricacies of controlling with a gamepad

THQ Nordic will release its turn-based tactics game Jagged Alliance 3 on two generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Shortly before the release, the publisher decided to clearly prove that control with a gamepad can be comfortable in such games.

    Image source: THQ Nordic

Image source: THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic’s official YouTube channel has released two videos detailing the control schemes on both generations of PlayStation and Xbox controllers. The developers showed how to control the camera and fighters in the game in turn-based mode, navigate through numerous menus and issue commands in battle.

Jagged Alliance 3 was released on PC (Steam) on July 14, 2023 and was positively received by the public. At that time, Jagged Alliance 3 published the material on the aggregator website OpenCritic There were 44 reviews with an average rating of 82%.

In her review for 3DNews, Mila Ponomareva rated the game 8 out of 10 and concluded: “The archaism of the “percentage tactical lottery” is unlikely to appeal to connoisseurs of modern tactics. But if you’re not allergic to such genre relics, then Jagged Alliance 3 is an excellent gift that will keep you hooked for many, many hours.”.

Jagged Alliance 3 releases November 16th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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