Two PlayStation veterans have formed a new studio making story driven

Two PlayStation veterans have formed a new studio, making story-driven open-world online action for PC, consoles and web3

Michael Mumbauer, Founder of Visual Arts Service Group, and John Garvin, Creative Director of Days Gone announced about the founding of Liithos Studio and introduced his first game, Ashfall.

    Image source: Liithos

Image source: Liithos

The developers describe Ashfall as an open-world action game with an emphasis on the story. The game starts as a solo adventure but gradually evolves into multiplayer fun with PvP and PvE.

Users must fight for survival in a world affected by global warming, the activities of the volcanic ring of fire, mysterious energy fields and warring factions.

    Ashfall concept art

Ashfall concept art

Ashfall is coming to PC and consoles, but it’s also billed as the first big-budget game for Web3, a hypothetical new iteration of the internet based on blockchain technology.

Therefore, the Hedera platform (a faster and more secure alternative to blockchain) will be integrated into Ashfall. With its help, users exchange and trade items in the game.

    Ashfall will reportedly be similar to Days Gone in some ways

Ashfall will reportedly be similar to Days Gone in some ways

“Our goal is to make the game and open world a true next-gen experience that interacts with new technologies and includes user-generated content.”Garvin said in a press release.

Ashfall doesn’t have a release date, but it’s known that her story will begin with a digital comic by Garvin. Liithos set out to create a cinematic and transmedia universe.


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