Twitters renaming to X leads to trademark infringement litigation

Twitter’s renaming to X leads to trademark infringement litigation

Elon Musk’s company X (formerly Twitter) is facing a lawsuit from the advertising agency X Social Media. After Musk renamed Twitter to X, experts warned of possible legal issues related to trademarks. Now these fears have been confirmed.

    Image source: TRESOR69 / Pixabay

Image source: TRESOR69 / Pixabay

This summer, Musk decided to rename the popular social network Twitter to X. The move raised concerns among legal experts, particularly trademark attorney Josh Gerben. According to him, there are about 900 active trademarks registered in the United States associated with the letter and trademark X.

Florida-based advertising agency X Social Media today filed a lawsuit against Company X for trademark infringement. This agency specializes in helping clients advertise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, states that X Social Media has been using its trademark since early 2016. The company has invested significant resources in its market recognition, including the development of a unique “X” mark. This sign features a figure holding a scale – a symbol the company uses to indicate its specialization in legal clients.

Despite the visual differences between the brands, X Social Media believes that Twitter’s rebranding violated their trademark rights. They also expressed concerns that Twitter’s rebrand could cause confusion among consumers who might mistakenly believe that X Social Media’s services are provided by or related to Musk’s company.

The lawsuit also argues that several of the trademark applications of

Additionally, X Social Media discovered that their website ranked lower in Google search results after the rebrand, which could negatively impact their business.

Before filing the lawsuit, X Social Media attempted to resolve the dispute amicably by sending a letter requesting that X stop using the disputed trademark. However, Musk’s company refused to do so.

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