Twitter will charge for unlimited private messages

Twitter will charge for unlimited private messages

The social network Twitter is preparing to limit the number of private messages that unverified users can send every day. The company’s statement states that it is necessary “to reduce spam” on the platform. At the same time, users who have paid for a Twitter Blue subscription can continue to send an unlimited number of messages.

    Image source: PhotoMIX Company / Pixabay

Image source: PhotoMIX Company / Pixabay

It is not currently known exactly how many private messages users of the social network can send. According to the available data, this innovation can be implemented as early as this week. Twitter officials have yet to comment on the matter.

Twitter boss Elon Musk announced even before buying the company that he intends to fight spam on the site if the deal goes through. “We will defeat the spambots or die trying”, – the billionaire wrote in his account in April last year. A lengthy investigation into social media spam also delayed the company’s purchase, but the deal finally went through that same year. Obviously, limiting the number of messages sent per day is not just a step in the fight against spam, but also a tool to encourage a paid Twitter Blue subscription.


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