Twitter will allow users to post long

Twitter will allow users to post long texts

According to network sources, testing of a new feature on the social network Twitter has begun. We’re talking about the Twitter notes tool that allows you to publish full-fledged texts on the social network, including with media files. At this time, the mentioned feature is only available to a limited number of platform users.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

It is expected that after the official launch of the new feature, the way some Twitter users interact with each other will change, as they will be able to talk about interesting topics to a greater extent than before. Currently, some Twitter users need to create numbered tweet streams to combine a series of posts into a single narrative. This is required whenever it is not possible to express your thoughts with the allotted number of characters.

Twitter Notes could be an alternative that allows users to express their thoughts in the form of articles and publish them as separate posts. Like normal tweets, the texts are provided with their own links so that users can share their favorite materials with each other. The development of a new feature was first announced earlier this year.

Company officials are reluctant to comment on the matter, so it’s difficult to say when the Twitter notes tool will be widely available. Obviously, this will happen after the developers are convinced the feature works.

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