Twitter was evicted from its Colorado office for failing to

Twitter was evicted from its Colorado office for failing to pay rent

A US court has ruled that Twitter must vacate its Boulder, Colorado office by the end of July. The landlord reportedly sued Elon Musk’s company after it failed to pay rent totaling more than $75,000 for three months.

    Image source: ilgmyzin/

Image source: ilgmyzin/

This case is unique because Twitter doesn’t pay rent in a traditional way. Back in 2020, the company received a $968,000 loan from which the landlord received funds. However, a few months ago the loan was exhausted, but the company did not make any back payments. The Boulder office is reportedly still operational at the moment and employs about 150 Twitter people, although the office has historically employed 300 people.

The Twitter landlord in San Francisco also intends to sue the company for non-payment of rent, according to the source. Additionally, another lawsuit against Twitter came from a cleaning company that failed to receive approximately $100,000 for cleaning services rendered. Another lawsuit is being filed by former Twitter employees seeking more than $1 million in unpaid legal fees. An investigation is ongoing in San Francisco that could uncover building code violations at the company’s headquarters, which could lead to another lawsuit.

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