Twitter sued for non payment of consultants who helped the company

Twitter sued for non-payment of consultants who helped the company in the case against Musk

Analytical group based in Boston filed sued Twitter on Thursday for refusing to pay for the social media platform’s lawyers for services last year in a lawsuit over enforcing Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

According to the Analysis Group’s lawsuit, its advisors spent thousands of hours preparing experts to testify in a Delaware court to support Twitter’s legal arguments, analyze documents, and provide commercial advice to attorneys.

A similar lawsuit was filed last month by another Boston-based legal counsel, alleging that Twitter refused to pay about $2 million in a Delaware lawsuit for services it linked to the company.

Since Musk bought the social network, the company has been unable to pay the rent for its San Francisco headquarters and London offices. Several contractors sued the company for unpaid services. Musk announced in a speech to Twitter employees, citing the impending bankruptcy “significant decline” Revenue as some advertisers left the platform. As part of the reorganization, there were significant job cuts at Twitter.

The Analysis Group said Twitter had previously paid its monthly bills for timely work from signing the contract in July through late September. However, when Analysis Group issued the final tally of $2,186,876.47 on Nov. 4, Twitter didn’t respond. The Analysis Group’s attorney made multiple Twitter calls beginning November 22, 2022 to investigate the reasons for the non-payment of the account, which was accruing interest on December 19. Since then, however, Twitter has never returned calls from company officials.

“Twitter regularly fails to meet its contractual payment obligations to its service providers,” says the lawsuit prepared by attorneys for Analysis Group.

Musk completed the deal to buy Twitter on Oct. 28, after which the parties dropped the lawsuit.

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