Twitter Spaces is testing podcast functions

Twitter Spaces is testing podcast functions

Twitter is testing the Spaces Recordings feature, which allows audio room owners to post recordings of completed broadcasts. Once the recording is published, you will have access to statistics: how many listeners have connected live to the listening room and how many have heard the recording after it was completed.

Image source: Edar /

Image source: Edar /

As a Twitter spokesman made clear, the new function is almost ready, but it will be delayed in the closed test stage – at the same time, the number of users participating in tests has increased several times since it was launched. In the future it should be open to everyone.

When the transfer starts and the recording is in progress in the audio room, the connected users will see the “Record” button with a red dot. If the moderator of the audio room decides to subsequently share the recording, he has the option to change the start time so that the audience does not have to play the silence if the transmission started later than the set time. And while listening, users can see who was in the listening room and who was speaking – right in the air.

New functions are in demand by normal users who can interact with content asynchronously, ie are not tied to live broadcasts. You won’t bother audio room owners either, as the subscribers have convenient tools and the less friction there is, the more loyal the audience is. A similar feature called Replay appeared in the clubhouse last November: users can upload audio, edit it and publish it as a podcast. Twitter allows users to upload audio room recordings from the last 30 days since June.


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