Twitter lawyers have accused Musk of leaking classified information

Twitter lawyers have accused Musk of leaking classified information – the case could go to court

Legal service Twitter has accused billionaire Elon Musk, who negotiated a $44 billion purchase of the social network, of violating a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for disclosing the sample size the company uses to measure the Determine the number of bots among its members.

    Dado Ruvic/Reuters

Dado Ruvic/Reuters

“I just got a call from Twitter lawyers complaining that I violated a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by saying the sample size for testing bots is 100!”told Musk on Twitter last Saturday. As you know, Musk put the deal on hold “Details to support calculations that spam/fake accounts actually make up less than 5% of users.” At the same time, he said that he plans to verify the number of bots based on a sample of 100 accounts, justifying his decision with the fact that such a number is used on Twitter during internal audit.

Additionally, Elon Musk urged Twitter users to change the default tweet feed displayed in their account “Most Popular Tweets” on the “Recent Tweets”and explains that when choosing the most popular tweets, the platform uses an algorithm that manipulates in ways they don’t recognize.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has already responded to the news. “It (the algorithm) was simply designed to save you time if you don’t use the app for a while.” Dorsey replied to Musk. Speaking to another Twitter user, Dorsey stressed that the algorithm was not designed to be manipulated.

Musk later dropped his allegations. “I’m not talking about malicious intent in the algorithm, just pointing out that it’s trying to guess what you might want to read, accidentally manipulating/amplifying your viewpoints without you realizing it’s happening.” – he said.

If Musk’s comments lead to new lawsuits, it won’t be his first time. Claiming on Twitter that he had found funds to privatize Tesla cost Musk a $20 million fine from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. A further $20 million fine was ordered to be paid by the company itself.

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