Twitter launches emoji testing of reactions to tweets – so far only in Turkey

Starting today, Twitter has begun testing responses to tweets using emoji. Users from Turkey now have the ability to respond to publications. They can use four new emojis in addition to their familiar heart symbol.

Last year, Twitter added the ability to respond with emoticons to private messages, but a different set of emoji is provided for responding to tweets. The launch of testing of the innovation took place a few months after the social network asked users how they would react to the emergence of a way to interact with tweets, similar to that used in Facebook. Twitter also asked users to choose from several emoji sets that they think are most appropriate for reacting to tweets.

The social network has decided not to include emojis that express negative attitudes or disapproval for now. Twitter says its goal is to maintain a healthy communication style between users. The company wants to see how the current set of emojis will affect social media user behavior. Depending on the test results, Twitter will decide to expand the set of emoticons or replace some emoji.

Twitter wants responses to emojis to provide an easier way for users to show their feelings, which in an ideal world would lead to better self-expression and more effective participation in public discussions. Users in Turkey can try out the innovation in iOS and Android applications, as well as the web version of Twitter.

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