Twitter is reinstating free gray ticks for official accounts

Twitter is reinstating free gray ticks for official accounts

The gray tick symbolizing the officially confirmed status of a Twitter account first stayed on the social network’s site for just a few hours, but now the company’s management has returned it to popular accounts. The administration of Twitter was forced to take such contradictory steps due to the increased activity of users posing as official representatives of well-known brands using paid blue ticks.

    Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

Nintendo suffered from the activities of “scammers” whose wrong side featured an image of the Super Mario character making an obscene gesture, and pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly had to refute circulated messages about free insulin dispensing on its behalf. Finally, the Tesla company was also attacked by “parodists” who disseminated information on its behalf that tarnished the reputation of electric vehicles of this brand.

Twitter officials have had to say that to combat such fakes, the company has decided to reintroduce the official tag to the status description of popular accounts. Elon Musk specifically stated that from now on, “parody” accounts must include the word “parody” not only in the account’s description, but also in its name. Otherwise they will be banned forever.

A directly fake Tesla account was able, in about eight hours of its existence, to spread tongue-in-cheek information about the safety of electric vehicles, the value of the company’s stock, and the related business of manufacturing rooftop solar panels. In a written appeal to Twitter employees, Elon Musk announced the need to identify and ban all verified accounts involved in spreading misinformation, intrusive advertising, or incitement to hatred within the next few days.

According to anecdotes, the severely reduced Twitter team simply could not cope with such a flow of spam, and now their efforts are aimed at identifying the most scandalous cases of misuse of other names and brands in spreading false information through Twitter. Attackers have also tried to spread false information on behalf of well-known politicians such as former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Their accounts with the passed verification icon were then blocked and deleted. As conceived by Elon Musk, holders of genuine accounts will have to undergo a re-verification procedure on new terms in the coming months to rule out the appearance of such “scammers”.

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