Twitter is being sued for stealing users personal information

Twitter is being sued for stealing users’ personal information

Twitter user Stephen Gerber sued the social network, accusing its administration of insufficiently protecting users’ personal data, making a database of 200 million records publicly available.

    Image source: edar/

Image source: edar/

According to the plaintiff, the leak was possible due to a vulnerability in the API that existed from June 2021 to January 2022. Used by unknown attackers who stole the personal information of 400 million Twitter users. For this database, the hackers demanded a ransom of $200,000 from the platform administration, and after refusing, they made it publicly available, thereby halving the number of entries. The company’s management acknowledged the existence of the vulnerability, but said it was shut down last summer. The platform’s administration refused to recognize the authenticity of the database made public, suggesting that the data it contained was collected from various sources resulting from data leaks from other platforms.

The plaintiff rejects this version, insisting that the company leaked and thus violated its own privacy policy. In addition, he suggests that the social network’s administration took some measures to hide the true extent of the incident. Mr. Gerber is demanding financial compensation, as well as a court order to improve Twitter’s security levels, for example by forcing the company to hire external specialists to regularly simulate cyberattacks on the platform’s resources.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s new owner and chief, Elon Musk, is actively trying to increase his income – reportedly they plummeted 40%, and eventually it got to the point where the company’s office furniture and equipment was discontinued Sale.


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