Twitter has updated its API the possibilities of third party

Twitter has updated its API – the possibilities of third-party applications are expanded

The day before the Twitter microblogging service told about an update that will significantly improve the work of third-party applications for its platform – it expands access to users’ chronological feed. The company released the Twitter API v2 interface, with which the platform responded to requests from developers.

    Image source: Fotomix /

Image source: Fotomix /

The previous version of the API was introduced in 2012 and is clearly outdated, and the builders of third-party clients that use it had to accept significant limitations when trying to get data from the feed – reverse chronologically ordered tweets and retweets of certain ones Users and their Subscriptions.

The essence of the changes is that the old version of API v1.1 allowed you to request feeds 15 times in 15 minutes and could return up to 800 tweets. The updated API v2 delivers up to 180 hits in the same 15 minutes, and the maximum number of tweets increases to 3200. This also greatly simplifies the task for developers who previously had to combine two interfaces: requesting a feed via API v1. 1, and then create additional requests for API v2-specific data, such as polls or statistics.

The deployment of a new version of the interface in a test format began in 2020 and went to release at the end of 2021, and all this time the platform administration tried to instill in the developers the idea that they were trying to make amends to them: many years she has expressly given preference to their official application and restricted the possibilities of third parties. Requirements that limit third-party customers by the number of users have also been removed from the Terms of Service.


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