Twitter has updated algorithms and added new features for advertisers

The microblogging service Twitter announced new features for advertisers, and also updated the algorithm that determines what advertising content users see. The innovations are focused on the direction of e-commerce, which the company plans to implement in the foreseeable future.



The company announced plans to increase its sales as soon as possible, strengthening its advertising business, which, in accordance with the outlined strategy, will allow it to double its annual revenues by 2023. The ultimate goal of the service is to implement the ability to sell products directly on the platform, but as a preparatory stage, it was decided to improve advertising algorithms – to show users more relevant ads and, thus, increase the likelihood of clicks on them.

Kamara Benjamin, Product Manager at Twitter, commented on the innovation: “Effective advertising is a very big opportunity that we are relatively uncovered. Ultimately, people will be able to install applications, visit sites and find products that meet their needs. “

Ads with mobile games and other apps make up a significant proportion of social media ads, and now, according to Twitter, platform users will be able to initiate downloads without leaving the app, although until now it had to be closed. The service is now working on new tools that will allow companies to be more likely to find customers who are truly interested in their products and services.

Multi-position slideshow ads will allow users to navigate to different pages from different slides, whereas previously there was only one link for the entire ad. This increased the number of clicks by 25%. In addition, the new algorithm assumes that ads are shown to a larger number of users immediately after the launch of the campaign, which allows them to more accurately determine the area of ​​their interests.


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