Twitter has suffered a massive outage as users exceeded their

Twitter has suffered a massive outage as users “exceeded their daily tweet limit.”

Last night, Twitter suffered a massive outage – the platform remained available, but some basic functions weren’t working: tweets and direct messages weren’t being sent, feeds were flooded with old posts, and it was impossible to subscribe to anyone.

    Image source: Fotomix /

Image source: Fotomix /

In response to an attempt to post a tweet, the platform displayed a message with strange content: “You have exceeded your daily tweet limit”. The outage lasted more than an hour, but even before the social network’s engineers dealt with it, users found a workaround to create posts – use the scheduler. The Twitter administration confirmed the problem and explained that the system “May not work as expected”and assures that they are working to restore the resource’s performance.

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Image source:

Some users reported that other features did not work properly: private messages were not sent, it was impossible to subscribe to other accounts, the subscription feed was not updated. There have been isolated reports of ongoing outages for some time after the platform has largely been restored to service.

After Elon Musk bought Twitter, the company began massive layoffs, and at one point the state ran out of key technical staff, sparking fears for the social network’s future. However, the company’s new owner and boss denies that the situation has reached a critical juncture – now, according to him, the company has 2,300 active employees. At the same time, today’s outage was the first since Twitter transitioned to a new owner.


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