Twitter has officially banned third party apps you cant sell

Twitter has officially banned third-party apps – you can’t sell ads through them

More than a week after it began blocking access to the Twitter platform for certain third-party apps, the company updated its developer policy on Thursday not to use the Twitter API or social media content “Creating or attempting to create a replacement or similar service or product for Twitter Applications.”

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

The updated rules clarify this “Twitter Apps” refer to “Consumer products, services, applications, websites, webpages, platforms and other Company offerings, including but not limited to those offered through and the Twitter mobile apps”. According to the Wayback Machine, the updated version of the rules added a clause prohibiting alternative services.

The company changed its developer policy after blocking access to a number of popular third-party Twitter clients, including Tweetbot and Twitterific, starting Jan. 12. Application developers then reported that they had not received any notifications from the company regarding this. Then, on January 17th, the company’s official developer account tweeted that the social network “enforces longstanding API access rules” because of which “Some apps don’t work.”

It should be noted that there was no official announcement of the rules update from either Elon Musk or the development team. The company does not have a public relations department.

When believes Resource The Verge, the main reason behind the suspension of third-party applications is the financial troubles Twitter has experienced since Musk ran the company and burdened it with billions of dollars in debt. Although some developers pay to access the API, the company doesn’t place ads through third-party clients, which limits its ability to monetize usage of alternative applications.


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