Twitter has increased the cost of a premium subscription for

Twitter has increased the cost of a premium subscription for new users

While most people use the Twitter social network for free, some countries rolled out a Twitter Blue subscription last year, offering additional features for those willing to pay $2.99 ​​a month in the US other countries, prices are calculated in local currencies. Subscribers have now received a message that the price has increased to $4.99.

    Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

While the price is relatively low and won’t break the bank for those wanting to take advantage of some of the extra features, many may be wondering if the extra features are even worth the small cost. For those willing to pay, available are both useful features, such as the ability to delete already sent tweets within the first 30 seconds, and ordinary ones, such as the ability to select different application icons, or those features whose usefulness is questionable, for example, the ability to convert hexagonal NFT -Use avatars in profile.

In a letter to users, the Twitter Blue team is demanding an increase in the fee “helps further prepare some of the features that users have asked for” and “Improve what is already there”and also “to support the mission to help journalists”.

Notably, the letter doesn’t mention potential buyer Elon Musk, whom the company blames for the year-over-year decline in second-quarter earnings. Now, Musk is trying hard to avoid a $44 billion deal, and the parties are unlikely to be able to part ways amicably.

    Image Source: Twitter (The Verge)

Image Source: Twitter (The Verge)

It is known that for the time being only new subscribers will have to pay a higher price. Early subscribers will continue to pay $2.99 ​​through October and have the option to unsubscribe at least 30 days before the new rules take effect.

To keep subscribers engaged, the company promises new features developed in the depths of the Twitter Blue Labs – it’s possible that the social network will have the ability to edit already published tweets, for example – the development of such a feature has long been announced.

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