Twitter has improved the video quality on the platform

The lack of high-quality video on Twitter has been frustrating for loyal users of the platform for a long time, but now the company has shared some good news. The official support account of the service reported that now uploaded videos “Will look less pixelated for better viewing”



The quality improvement was achieved in one simple step: the platform removed the video preprocessing step on upload. This was necessary for dividing the clips into smaller parts, but as a result, the picture quality could deteriorate due to re-encoding.

Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong decided to test the new features of the service and uploaded a video to test its quality after publication. Please note that the sound in the video is loud.

However, after its publication, the support service clarified that the innovation is not yet supported on the specialized Twitter Media Studio platform, which Ms. Wong used when downloading.

Wong’s message was answered by one of her subscribers, who posted the video directly. Subjectively, the quality seems to be slightly higher, but it is still inferior to high-quality video that can be watched on YouTube or Twitch. It is necessary to clarify that the innovation affected only those videos that will be uploaded again – the quality of already published videos will remain the same. In addition, Wong said that Twitter will not be limited to improving video quality alone – according to her, the service may soon add the ability to change the speed of its playback.


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