Twitter got rid of a large number of contractors in

Twitter got rid of a large number of contractors in a hurry

One of the first steps in Twitter’s new cost-cutting leadership was a massive layoff, affecting about half of the company’s full-time employees. As it became known over the weekend, contractors were also seriously affected – according to some reports, Twitter refused the services of up to 80% of the external specialists who oversee the company’s infrastructure.

    Image source: Nikolas Kokovlis, Nurphoto, Getty Images

Image source: Nikolas Kokovlis, Nurphoto, Getty Images

The publication was the first to report on it. platformer, naming the reduction scale. According to the source, nearly 4,400 of Twitter’s 5,500 contractors lost their jobs the day before, and many of them found out about it indirectly given the inability to use the company’s usual information resources and internal systems. Representative CNBC managed to confirm the fact of the large-scale cuts, but this source has no idea of ​​the exact number of laid-off contractors. Twitter typically relied on third parties to moderate content or maintain hardware infrastructure such as server hardware.

Some of the downsized contractors worked in India, according to CNBC. At the same time, the company’s employees, who, due to the nature of their work, had to communicate with contractors, did not receive notifications of the upcoming changes the day before. As we learned, in previous cuts, Twitter lost all of its full-time employee relations staff, so the remaining employees sometimes have to learn about changes in the company’s work from the news in the media.


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