Twitter gave Elon Musk additional data we are waiting for

Twitter gave Elon Musk additional data, we are waiting for the billionaire’s decision on the deal

It became known that this week the Twitter administration provided Elon Musk with additional data on the work of the social network. This was reported in a recent publication of the Business Insider resource.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

According to the source, Musk’s attorneys sent a letter to Twitter last week arguing that the social network’s latest data package was “insufficient” to make a Twitter purchase decision. It reportedly contained recordings of users’ tweets, as well as information about which devices those users were tweeting from.

Business Insider writes that Musk was unhappy with the social network’s information because, his team claimed, he was unable to conduct his own tests to detect potentially fake accounts.

The new package reportedly includes real-time API data. According to the resource sources, the array passed is a “stream” of tweets and other platform activity, usually destined for specific developers.

Musk previously questioned Twitter’s own estimate that fake accounts make up less than 5% of its daily active user audience, and said he plans to conduct his own testing on the matter. A Twitter board meeting was held this week, approving the sale of the social network to Elon Musk and inviting shareholders to support the decision. As expected, the latter can vote on approving the transaction in late July or early August.

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