Twitter founder Jack Dorsey offers legal protection to Bitcoin developers

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey offers legal protection to Bitcoin developers

Not everyone sees cryptocurrencies as a blessing, and in some cases it leads to litigation. Therefore, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the Chaincode project Alex Morcos and scientist Martin White announced the establishment of a non-profit foundation to protect Bitcoin developers from lawsuits and similar forms. “Legal Pressure”

Image source: MichaelWuensch /

Image source: MichaelWuensch /

All three joined the Board of Trustees and determine the cases in which the legal support for the property developer takes place. Direct assistance is provided by lawyers working part-time or on a voluntary basis in the project – the initial consultation is free of charge. The Fund’s budget has not yet been established, but Mr Dorsey noted that “currently” Fundraising is irrelevant.

For the founder of Twitter and Block, this project is not only of public concern. Block actively works with blockchain, bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies, and lawsuits in this area, even if not directed directly against the company, can harm business. Among the developers of Bitcoin there are many independent specialists who, if threatened with legal prosecution, can refuse to work because they cannot defend themselves. A community benefit can benefit the entire community, even if its existence directly benefits Dorsey’s business.


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