Twitter faces legal action for violating building codes and discriminating

Twitter faces legal action for violating building codes and discriminating against employees

The activism of Elon Musk’s so-called “transition team,” which helped him reform the Twitter business shortly after buying the eponymous company in late October last year, has been denounced not only by the San Francisco City Council, but also by former employees of the leadership of Discrimination and coercion to violate laws and regulations.

    Image Source: Getty Images, Justin Sullivan

Image Source: Getty Images, Justin Sullivan

edition CNBC undertook to summarize the gist of these allegations. Your first part comes from the city of San Francisco, which became aware of violations of city ordinances during the renovation of an office building that houses Twitter’s headquarters. As you know, Elon Musk ordered that part of the premises vacated after the company downsizing should be converted into rooms for overnight staff. Twitter employees involved in the remodeling were reportedly ordered by regulators to designate the spaces as “temporary quiet areas.”

The main violation of the City of San Francisco building codes, according to the source, was the installation of door locks in those premises that did not meet fire safety requirements. California law requires 24-hour manned areas to have door locks that unlock automatically when the fire suppression system is activated. In the case of Twitter’s office renovation, management insisted on saving money and using locks that didn’t meet these requirements. One of the employees eventually chose to quit rather than engage in potentially dangerous manipulation.

The second line of claims against the management of Twitter is, so to speak, a lawsuit filed by a group of former employees who accuse the former bosses of cutting payments in the event of layoffs and discriminating on the basis of age, gender and sexual orientation when selecting candidates for a layoff. The plaintiffs are also prepared to provide the court with evidence that Musk’s “anti-crisis executives” invited to meet the goal of a $500 million reduction in real estate costs asked employees to simply give owners no credit Rent to pay the premises.

Interestingly, public exposure of such trials caught the attention of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who yesterday urged Elon Musk to move Twitter headquarters to that city as soon as possible.

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