Twitter engineers have the ability to post any message on

Twitter engineers have the ability to post any message on behalf of any user

Another security-concerned anonymous ex-Twitter whistleblower testifies before the US Congress and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Washington Post. He claims that the company’s engineers have access to some kind of internal program GodMode (“God Mode”), which allows you to post messages on behalf of any account.

    Image source: Fotomix /

Image source: Fotomix /

The whistleblower claims that GodMode (now renamed “privileged mode”) is present on the laptop of every engineer in the company if they wish, and to start the privileged functions it is enough to change the code from “FALSE” in to change “TRUE”. Screenshots with this code were shown to the FTC back in October – a warning was also displayed there: “Think Before You Do”.

In 2020, teenagers hacked internal Twitter resources, resulting in access to posting messages on behalf of Joe Biden (Joe Biden), Barack Obama (Barack Obama), Elon Musk (Elon Musk) and other influencers. As a result of the incident, the platform administration stated that they had implemented some kind of comprehensive security system, but in reality, according to the informant, engineers were given privileged access to content management: posting messages from any account, as well as deleting and restoring tweets. At the same time, the system has no control over who uses or abuses these privileges.

Whistleblower Aid, a non-profit organization that previously represented the interests of former Twitter security chief Peiter Zatko, supports the whistleblower. The FTC also collects testimonies from other employees of the company.


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